Prints // Louis Riel

An ominous depiction of the M├ętis rebel leader and Canadian MP Louis Riel, crafted from one of very few extant portraits of the iconic folk hero.

Spread thinly over a mirror, Valentine’s portrait gives a glimpse into the darker side of Canadian heritage while causing the viewer to reflect on how this underside persists today.

  • Neubacher Shor Contemporary
  • 2010
  • Hanemuhle Photo Rag Print
  • 35’’x 48’’ Diptych
  • 3

Row 1 / One 800 Gallery installation, HV Studio

Row 2 / Portrait, Library and Archives Canada C-018082

ow 3 / Louis Riel, Harley Valentine

Row 4 / One 800 Gallery installation II, HV Studio