Sculpture // North Pole

North Pole is a bronze cast narwhal tusk spiraling into the void. It stands at the boundary between Inuit and western art, between nature and craft, minimalism and ornament, art and design. Inspired by Brâncuși’s Bird in Space, the lightly polished bronze highlights the tusk’s intricate patterns of ridges, whorls and grooves. There is an organic gracefulness within the material solidity.

  • 2013
  • Lost Wax Bronze Cast, Canadian Black Granite
  • 7’
  • 21
  • Artist Harley Valentine Casts Natural Wonder, Torontonist, February 15, 2013

Row 1 / Artist portrait with North Pole, Daniel Ehrenworth

Row 2 / Sketch, Harley Valentine

Row 3 / North Pole profile I, Daniel Ehrenworth

Row 4 / Ivory & bronze, HV Studio

Row 5 / Thompson Hotel install, HV Studio

Row 6 / North Pole profile II, Daniel Ehrenworth