Public Art // Dream Ballet

A century ago, on the corner of Toronto’s Yonge and Front streets, stood the Grand Trunk Railroad – a bustling, sepia-toned confluence of pioneers, country builders, and fortune seekers. Decades later, the site would become the meeting place for a new kind of pioneer – actors, musicians, dancers. The O’Keefe Centre quickly became an incubator of the city’s world-class ambitions.

Today a new era begins on this storied ground. Daniel Liebskind’s L Tower is a landmark of 21st century international architecture, and a marker of Toronto’s growing importance as a global cultural destination.

Dream Ballet is a triptych of quicksilver columns whose curved, abstracted forms evoke the dynamics of ballet in homage to the National Ballet of Canada’s four-decade tenure at the O’Keefe Centre. Each sculpture expresses its unique personality through line, balance and proportion.

The sculptures are featured in a stunning plaza, designed by renowned landscape architects Claude Cormier + Associates, situated between the minimalist stone-clad Sony Centre theatre and the blue steel of the L Tower’s shard. The sculptures will reflect the Taj Mahal-inspired bric-a-brac pattern set in black and white granite Cormier has designed for the Plaza surface, as well as invite the spectator to peer into the past, present, and future.

  • The Sony Centre, Toronto, Ontario , Canada
  • Daniel Libeskind, Claude Cormier + Associates
  • Page + Steele Architects, Castlepoint Development
  • 2011 - 2013
  • Mirrored Finish Stainless Steel (1/4” SS 316)
  • 16’, 17’, 18’

Dance is an Art in space and time.
The object of the Dancer is to obliterate that.
-Merce Cunningham

Row 1 / Sony Plaza render toward south, CC+A

Row 2 / Sony Plaza render toward southeast, CC+A

Row 3 / Site overview, Google Maps

Row 4 / Pre-construction site, HV Studio

Row 4-6 / Installation dry run, HV Studio

Row 7 / Merce Cunningham troupe

Row 8-13 / Dream Ballet Fabrication, HV Studio