HV Studio is the headquarters of artist and designer Harley Valentine. A boutique studio with a mandate to create dynamic and engaging artwork for both the city and the home. We thrive at the intersection of art, design, and creative placemaking.

We take seriously the opportunity to participate in the making of public places. Our design development process is rooted in thorough research into the natural and cultural historicity of a particular site. This is the basis of respect for a place, and for making a contribution that is responsive to the local atmosphere.

We embrace the iterative process of developing projects in multi-shareholder, interdisciplinary environments. HV Studio has significant experience collaborating with architects, landscape designers, engineers, planners, developers, and municipal and neighbourhood representatives to produce compelling urban places that build social capital, civic pride, and human flourishing.

Whether for a public plaza or a collector’s home, we believe that artwork should embody the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship. We believe that a bold, well-made and conceptually exciting artwork can also be beautiful (even Beautiful). And we believe that the idea of beauty is entering a renaissance of intellectual respectability. The increasingly blurred boundary between art and design is evidence of this change.

Dream away!